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Linda Susan Jansen
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A celebration of life will be held at a later date.
Ms. Linda Susan Jansen, age 73 of Monroe and previously Lawrenceville, passed away on March 6, 2024. Linda was born in Los Angeles, California on March 26, 1950 to the late James Martin MacGregor and the late Miriam Watry MacGregor. She was preceded in death by her ex-husband and best friend (it was complicated), Todd Kevin Jansen; her brother-in-law, Greg Hansen; her beautiful niece, Victoria Hansen; her dear friend, Charles Harvey; and her much loved in-laws, Patricia and Ernest Sanchez.

Linda is survived by her daughters and best friends, Alana Mignon Battenhouse and Kameron Blythe Williams; her grandchildren whom she adored more than life itself, Eden Blythe Williams, MacKenna Aiden Battenhouse, and Cian William Battenhouse; her son-in laws who helped care for her and who she loved as her own, James Battenhouse and Shane Williams; her adoring sister, whom as a toddler she begged her mom for, Robin Hansen; her nephew, Gregory Hansen; her great-nephew, Logan Dixon; and her brother and sister in-law, Phillipa Griego and Ernest Sanchez.

As a child, Linda was active in dance, theater, and acting. She was a regular guest actor on Leave it to Beaver and sang with her sister on The Danny Thomas Show. She was featured on a Kellog’s commercial that her family is unfortunately still trying to track down, and modeled in Palm Springs when she was a teenager. She even graduated from Charm School, alongside her sister. As an adult, she was a member of the Screen Actors Guild and did background work in popular movies such as Young Frankenstein. For the remainder of her life, she made an honorable living as a waitress at IHOP, and she will remain the most gorgeous and hard-working waitress that restaurant has ever or will ever employ.

For as long as we can remember, Linda (my Mom), began every day with a large cup of Folgers instant coffee. Boy did she love her coffee and she passed that love on to her girls. Mom had an interesting diet, including a love of foods such as cheese, cheeseburgers, onion rings, liverwurst, herring in sour cream, crock pot cabbage, sugar-free pineapple popsicles, and cream cheese mixed with Equal (tasted exactly like cheesecake, she claimed). Her passion for mayonnaise, however, was always something we, her family, poked fun at her for. But Mom always stayed true to herself, and even at Provino’s, her annual birthday spot, or when we dragged her to our favorite Thai restaurant, she’d be looking for her beloved mayonnaise. We would awkwardly laugh as she made her request to the server or pull packets and mini tupperware containers out of her purse, but she couldn’t care less what anyone else thought. Everything was always better with mayo and extra salt. You simply could not convince her otherwise.

Aside from mayonnaise, mom had a passion for fashion that could not be quenched. Oh, did she love shopping for clothes! She never went a day without putting together one or more ensembles and her hair and makeup never went undone. She would cut out images from fashion magazines and always knew what was in style. She loved to watch fashion unboxing videos on YouTube and tell us about the overpriced items and how she could find the exact same items at Marshalls or TJ Maxx for a fraction of the price…and find them she did! The woman turned her large bedroom into a walk-in closet and still it was bursting at the seams!

Mom was an amazing artist, though she never gave herself enough credit. She was funny. She could be exasperatingly stubborn. She was so kind to everyone. She never turned off her tv. Her Starbucks order was a venti iced coffee, light ice, extra cream. She loved the beach and lighthouses and all things Scottish. She wholeheartedly believed in aliens and loved ghost stories and stories of reincarnation, near death experiences and the afterlife. She loved opening presents and did so with the joy of a child. She loved cars, especially her Chrysler New Yorker and PT Cruiser. She loved Neil Diamond and thought Tom Cruise was so good looking. She dyed her hair with Revlon Colorsilk in Champagne Blonde and her favorite lipstick was Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl in Caramel Glace. She wore Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in Sapphire. Her favorite color was red and her favorite flowers were Morning glories. It’s hard not to share every detail about her because I’m scared that if I don’t, she’ll be forgotten. I imagine her reading over my shoulder as I type, “Oh for goodness sakes baby, they don’t need to know that!” But you should know her, because in life, only a small group of people truly did.

If you asked her, however, Mom’s greatest love and accomplishments in life were her daughters and later her grandchildren. She could be a “dickens” (her own pet term for us), but the woman loved her family more than one can put into words, so I won’t even try. She would give everything she had to us. She would worry about us constantly and often for no reason at all. Her greatest fear was leaving us, so she let us know she will never do so. She told us she will forever watch over us and we all know that is true. We’re lucky to now be under the loving watch of such a resilient and beautiful soul, our Mom and Nana.

Mom asked that her family celebrate her life over good food, which she requested KFC, a questionable choice but one that will most definitely be honored, and good music, specifically the song, “I Love You and Buddha Too.” The song goes,

Why do some people say - That there is just one way - To love you God and come to you - We are all a part of you.

Mom wasn’t a “church-goer,” but she was a very spiritual person who loved her God and she understood that being a kind, loving, and good human being was what truly mattered in life. After her passing, we found a small tablet by her bed with her top songs. I’ll share her list here in case you’d like to honor our beautiful Mom by enjoying some good music. Go ahead and dip something in mayo, too, and toast to the life of my Mom, Linda Susan Jansen, who sadly for us, has returned home. We miss you and we love you so much, Mom.

But as the top song on her list goes,

Please, please don't cry - This is just adios and not goodbye.

Linda’s Top Songs

Spanish Eyes by Engelbert Humperdinck

I Love You and Buddha Too by Mason Jennings

Roy Orbison (she apparently liked it all)

Mama Mia, Take a Chance On Me, Fernando, & Waterloo by ABBA

The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies

Song Sung Blue and Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond